Baby with Attitude  Debbie Dancing  Earth Day Youth  Surprise    Man on Stoop      Fire on W 11th St.  Katz      Roller Head    Villagers    Girl on a Ferry      Half a Mannequin      Little Girl in the Lobby of the Hotel Albert      The Accusation    Firefighters on W 11th St.     Elevator Operator  Ladies in the Lobby of the Hotel Albert      Lunch Break       Gypsy Family in the Lower East Side      Sketch Artist    Two Hot Dogs    Coffee Shop Affair  Zum Zum Ladies    Travel Agent on 14th St.    Officer in Uniform    Celebrating Earth Day with a Cigar  Two Girls One Toy    Sunshine Kitty Earth Day Ladies  Zeda    Bicycle Built for Two  Cigarette Girl at the Ritz  Family Room in Trinidad
Baby with Attitude