Sunday Morning Serenade                          Ron W.                        Hand Heart Art                   Him                    57th Street, NYC  Saks Christmas Windows                  Lipstick Model                             Yellow Lady                        In Flight                      Betty Better                     Shadows From a Tour-Bus                         Y3           St. Marks Place                    Live Girls in Red   Metropolis                 Lucy Behind Bars                           A Look at Century 21                      Beauty on Bleecker St.                     Ex-Machina                                   Madonna in Times Square                        Viewing Art                          Eye Profile                    Shop Window St. Marks Place               Lady Liberty Waving Her Wand                            Surfing in Times Square                Open                Vinny                        Alter Ego                   Voo-Doo Taxi                          Love on 14th St.                           Hello Mia                                   Finding Frida                     You Can't Be Half A Ganster             Billie and Me                   Citizen Kane                   Bejeweled                 Lincoln Center Film                                    Fifteen MInutes of Fame                    Decapitated in Brattleboro                   Red Hot Lady       Pelham 123
Sunday Morning Serenade