Strolling Under Times Square                             Mime Standing in Times Square       Blue Trains                       Hoboken Terminal Before Sandy                              Lady in Red                               Applying Lipstick on the Train                   Tunnel to the Subway          Train Conductor             View From a Moving Train          Heading Downtown                            Stuck in Times Square                             Morning Commute                             Last Stop Coney Island                               Flushing Train Yard                  Exhibitionist                           2nd Ave Man                        Train From Coney Island      Woman reflecting on train Flushing Train Yard Illuminated                            Ceiling of Vintage Train                         Vintage Train Passenger  Subway Car Named Desire                                 The Long Goodbye                     Metro North                              Waiting for the Train at 34th St.          Subway Riders                               Commuters on the Train                        Mime in TImes Square Station
Strolling Under Times Square