Time Travelers 1                         Sitting in Front of Fish Market        Sixth Avenue Doorway        Chicago                      Venice Beach Beauties                         Give Mom the Best                       Big White Dog                      Abandoned Building SoHo                        Wedding Photographer                         Sillouette                        Muppet Girl                   No Parking                         Walking the Dogs                         Fourth of July                      Welcome to Chinatown                         Cowgirls in Times Square   Freak Show                      Old Soul                        Fahrenheit 103                      Bleecker Street Fair Masquerading                   Coney Island Boardwalk                  Imitating Marilyn                        Give Peace a Chance                      Painting on Building 8th Ave                         Redlight District            Banksy Was Here                      Penny Farthing                        Looking Down Calafell                    Tourists in Central Park                         Little Girls on the High Line                         Fireworks on the Hudson                       Whitney Museum with Mary V. Afternoon Break                      Screen at Barrows                        Madonna x3                       Best Buy Lady                        Sitting in St. Luke's Garden                          Time Travelers 2                         Mast                   New York Moments                    Time Travelers 3                         Small Talk
Time Travelers 1